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An Overview - Manufacturing Analytics

The once booming Manufacturing sector is today plagued by shrinking margins, competitive pressures, and consumers with multiple options . At the same time, internal operations and external supply-chain activities have become more complex, making them much harder to streamline, track, and control. This has resulted with companies in the manufacturing industry forced to find new ways to optimize productivity, improve customer service, expand market share, increase revenue, and minimize expenses.

GrayMatter’s Manufacturing BI

GrayMatter has been delivering Business Intelligence to manufacturing and distribution companies for a while now. Business Intelligence dissolves information silos and increases collaboration between back office, front office, warehouse, customer service and suppliers. By transforming the data generated by disparate systems into a single version of the truth, Business Intelligence provides a competitive advantage.

With GrayMatter’s Business Intelligence, ETL and Data Management solutions, manufacturers across all product line and across geographies can dive into supply-chain management, production, customer relationship management, materials management, and other in-house systems to enhance operations, respond swiftly to changing market dynamics and customer needs, improve supply chain relationships, identify and leverage new revenue streams, reduce waste, and operate more cost-efficiently.


GrayMatter’s Manufacturing BI can be used to generate unique specifications for your new products, correlate product performance to methodology and process variables, and perform quick root cause analysis for quality. To enable fundamental quality improvement, GrayMatter’s BI solution, allows self-service discovery for early insight into unknown production trends, relationships and outliers. The collaborative aspects of GrayMatter’s BI solution provide insights into problems and opportunities that can be shared so test and quality engineers can collaboratively discuss trends and anomalies. Quality control and product performance are enhanced when you apply GrayMatter manufacturing analytics prior to and during product development and production processes. Whether you want to examine trends, materials or do parts comparisons, using manufacturing analytics gives you amazing details and insight needed to reliably assess potential and real outputs. GrayMatter’s manufacturing analytics gives a solid base on which manufacturers can create highest quality products. Engineering and product teams involved in testing can easily identify and discuss opportunities and problems. If you are seeking an excellent way to achieve quality control you are at the right palce.

Margins Enhancement

You can use GrayMatter’s Manufacturing BI solution to slice and dice your production inventory by any variable, drill into aggregate metrics like throughput and cycle time from months to fraction of a second and get detailed work-in-process data on demand from any related source. The BI solution can also assist you to better understand trends in yields, margins, retest and reclaim rates. From here on , customers can harness the combined knowledge and experience of the entire engineering organization.

Management Insights

GrayMatter helps global organizations transform their businesses and break into Fortune 500 companies by delivering agile & actionable BI solutions.

With GrayMatter’s Manufacturing BI solution you can:

  • Boost awareness for your top product lines in specific markets
  • Maximize productivity and revenue across all your product lines
  • Reduce costs drastically and risks by streamlining your operations
  • Increase agility by introducing new relevant products to market faster
  • Encourage collaboration & innovation to consistently stay ahead of your competition

Allow GrayMatter to walk through your BI initiatives through a consulting session and see the difference for yourself !

Get On Top Of Your Business With Graymatter’s Manufacturing BI